Best Snorkel Mask for Small Face

Best Snorkel Mask for Small Face

If a mask does not fit properly against your face, you should anticipate having water leaks, which will limit the amount of time you are able to snorkel or dive without disturbance. When you have a small or narrow face, this problem becomes much more difficult to solve because the majority of snorkel masks do not appear to be designed to accommodate your specific facial form. We can count ourselves fortunate that we can purchase snorkel masks that are designed to fit faces that are very small and tiny. These masks are an excellent choice for both young people and adults who have small faces.

Micro-Mask Aqua Lung Technisub
Micro-Mask Aqua Lung Technisub
  • Lenses are implanted in the orbit of the eye
  • patented design
  • significantly widened the field of vision
  • extremely small volume
  • compact design
  • Dive more safely and with greater stability
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Cressi Sub Lince
Cressi Sub Lince
  • Mask’s skirt is made of 100% silicone
  • lenses are made of tempered glass
  • Lenses angled for optimal viewing
  • Made with Patented
  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technology
  • Minimal in size and weight.
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Runner up

X-Vision Mid Mask by Mares

X-Vision Mid Mask by Mares
  • 360-degree field of vision
  • Weight of only 190 grams
  • extremely small interior space
  • The ergonomic, quick-adjust buckles
  • efficiency in the water while diving
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Best Snorkel Mask for Small Face

If you want to have the finest seal possible, you need to acquire a mask that is tailored to your facial structure. The best snorkel mask for small faces must fit perfectly. In addition, because of their reduced size and weight, tiny masks are ideal for carrying around in a carry-on bag while traveling. Due to the watertight seal provided by many of these masks, users can snorkel or dive for extended periods of time without needing to empty their masks of water in between activities.

Having said that, it can be challenging to differentiate between snorkel masks that are intended specifically for people with small faces and those that are simply conventional snorkel masks that happen to fit someone with a small face. In this piece, we take a look at some of the snorkel masks on the market that are designed for those with narrow faces. We also cover how to choose a snorkel mask that is the right size for your face, even if it is petite and delicate, and how you may also make an educated choice in the event that you choose to go shopping by yourself.

Micro-Mask Aqua Lung Technisub


  1. Lenses are implanted in the orbit of the eye, per a patented design, to provide a significantly widened field of vision.
  2. Having an extremely small volume on the inside makes clearing extremely quick and simple. Additionally, it lessens the buoyancy-induced upward force of bigger air space.
  3. Dive more safely and with greater stability because of the compact design, which creates less resistance in the water and is especially helpful in strong currents.

The Aqua Lung Technisub is a favorite mask of spearfishes who dive to great depths, and it also works well for snorkeling. In keeping with its name, this mask is minimal in size and weight and features an elegantly straightforward construction. Even while it has a soft skirt that seals well on small faces, this mask really has a firm frame, giving it the appearance of being frameless.

Mask Aqua Lung mask

In addition, the Technisub’s volume is roughly half as small as that of the average mask. This style’s shape helps keep the lens relatively near to the face, which provides a large field of view.

As an added bonus, the nose piece may be squeezed and accessed with a single hand. You should expect some wrinkles to appear on your face after wearing the skirt for a while, but it is soft and stiff enough to seal securely.
The strap clasp is joined to the frame using a hinge, which helps ensure a snug fit but makes for a bulkier item when folded up for storage. If you have a narrow face and discover that this mask works well for you, too, it’s definitely money well spent.

Special requirement:

  1. The ocular orbit is where the lenses are placed in the patented design, which results in a substantially increased field of view.
  2. Clearing takes very little time and effort thanks to the extremely low volume of the inside. In addition to this, it lessens the upward force that is produced by the buoyancy of bigger air space.
  3. When diving in areas with strong currents, having a design that is more compact helps to increase stability and reduce the amount of resistance experienced in the water.
  4. Buckles at the Cardanic Joint can be rotated both in and out as well as up and down to provide a tailored and pinch-free fit.
  5. The facial skirt is made of high-grade silicone, which enables it to bend and naturally form itself around facial contours, ensuring that it will not leak.


  • The clearing is a breeze due to the extremely low volume.
  • Minimal in size and weight.
  • To adjust the pressure, simply remove the nose piece.


  • Possible to fog up without defogging treatment.

X-Vision Mid Mask by Mares


  1. The appropriate window angles and placement of the eyes allow for a 360-degree field of vision.
  2. Weight of only 190 grams (about 6.7 ounces) and extremely small interior space.
  3. The ergonomic, quick-adjust buckles are placed conveniently on the skirt, allowing for maximum ease and efficiency in the water while diving.

Divers with faces ranging from small to medium will find the Mares X-Vision Mid Mask to be an excellent choice. This comfy mask has a broad viewing area. If you have a narrow face and have had problems finding a mask to fit, now is your chance to experience snorkeling and diving with a mask you won’t even notice on your face.
The hypoallergenic silicone skirt of the Mares X-Vision helps to make the mask more comfortable by allowing it to mound to a wide variety of face shapes, including those of people with narrow faces. The X-Vision has a big single-pane window and additional windows on the side to increase your field of view.

Mares X Vision MID

The X-flexible Vision’s silicone skirt and easy-adjust buckles are designed to provide a customized fit that feels great and reduces pressure points. Lastly, the X-Vision has a protective case included in the package, and nobody likes to turn down free stuff.

Special Requirement:

  1. The eyes are placed in the middle of the head, and the windows are tilted at just the right angle to allow the broadest viewing angle possible in all directions.
  2. The minimal amount of space on the inside and astonishingly low weight of only 190 grams or 6.7 ounces.
  3. During the dive, you’ll experience greater comfort and hydrodynamics thanks to the ergonomic quick-adjust buckles that are positioned immediately on the skirt. This positioning also helps improve the skirt’s ability to adhere to the face.
  4. In addition to this, the implementation of this technical solution makes it simpler to stow the mask away in one of the pockets of the BC.
  5. Contains a Mask Box in Itself.


  • Perfect for young girls and boys and anyone else who has a diminutive face.
  • Cost-effective, reasonable, and in line with market prices.
  • Offers excellent scenery in a relaxing setting.
  • Anti-fog lens design.


  • Some people experienced a very minor amount of leaking at the bridge of their nose. To solve the problem, you could try using mask sealant.

Cressi Sub Lince


• Mask’s skirt is made of 100% silicone, while the lenses are made of tempered glass.
• Lenses angled for optimal viewing
• Made with Patented, Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technology

The Cressi Sub Lince, in terms of its size and volumes, might be thought of as a scaled-down counterpart of the acclaimed Cressi Matrix. In addition, it borrows a number of characteristics from Cressi’s Big Eyes, another great product, including the latter’s unrestricted visibility and flattering, child-friendly skirt shape.
This is made possible by the Cressi Sub Lince’s extremely low internal capacity, which is impressive, especially when compared to other free diving models. The Lince mask has a hypoallergenic silicone skirt and a tempered glass lens, making it a total silicone product. Its small size and low weight are the results.

Cressi Sub Lince

When combined with the materials that contribute to its high level of comfort and excellent visibility, as well as its efficient and contemporary strap system, this model becomes a formidable rival for snorkeling and diving sports for those with a small face. Cressi masks are more expensive than comparable masks on the market, but rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality product.

Special Requirement:

  1. Mask contains a skirt made of 100% silicone and lenses made of tempered glass
  2. Angled lenses for maximum vision
  3. Developed and Produced Using Inventions That Have Been Granted Patents
  4. Industrial Production Techniques
  5. 100% Hypoallergenic Liquid Silicone Skirt
  6. Design That Is both Lightweight and Compact.


  • Very little room inside.
  • Hypoallergenic tempered glass skirt.
  • Minimal in size and weight.
  • Made for smaller faces, such as those of mothers and children.


  • It’s possible that the nose cutout will ride up and irritate your upper lip.
  • Pinch the bridge of the nose, and you might feel some resistance.

How to Choose the Best Snorkel Mask for a Narrow Face

Do you waste too much time fiddling with your mask and not enough time taking in the aquatic scenery?

If you have a narrow or small face, you’ve undoubtedly encountered this more often than most people. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you select a mask that will give adequate coverage while remaining comfortable.

Not having to worry about your mask leaking or fogging up when snorkeling or scuba diving is a huge relief. You may put an end to these problems once and for all with the right mask and some medical attention. If you’re looking for a snorkel mask and have a small face, you’ll be well-equipped after reading this article.

To what extent should a mask be adjusted?

Having a snorkel mask that fits your face properly is more crucial than anything else to consider when buying one. The ‘skirt’ refers to the flexible rubber around the perimeter of the mask that forms a seal around your face. Common issues like fogging, leaking, and fatigue can be avoided with a well-sealed skirt.

If your mask is leaking, either the skirt is damaged or the mask does not fit your face properly. It may be difficult for people with narrow faces to get a good seal with their masks. That’s why you’re getting water in your eyes from the slow leak of the skirt. The mask can be irritating at best and painful in the worst instance.

In addition, if your mask doesn’t fit properly, you’ll lose valuable time and effort treading water while you figure out how to make it work. When you tread water vertically, you use more energy than when you tread water horizontally. There is a new issue that arises after the water is cleared.

If you allow moist air to enter the mask by cracking the seal on your face, condensation will form on the cool lens surface, resulting in fog. More moisture can condense on your lens and cause fogging if more air can get in.
As the second piece of advice, never buy a mask because it is the “latest and most advanced” option or because it is overpriced. Anything fancy about it is irrelevant if it doesn’t complement your facial features.

Steps to Choosing the Right Mask

When snorkeling, you want a mask that seals so well against your face that you forget it’s there. You may have a narrower or shorter face than the average person because of the fact that everyone’s facial features are different. Consequently, it is difficult to recommend a single mask as the “best,” given that even a mask with thousands of 5-star reviews might not be comfortable for your face. Consequently, you should try the following procedures with each mask to determine how well it fits.

Try On the Skirt

Stop breathing for a second and try on the mask, making careful to press it lightly against your face with your hand. Wait to use the strap. Next, maintain your holding of air but remove your hand from the mask.

If the mask is properly fitted, it will stay in place even when you take a deep breath or move your head. If you breathe in, you’ll produce suction and fail the test. If you blow hard enough through your nose, you can make almost any mask adhere to your face, rendering this test useless.

If you’re snorkeling and moving your head through the water, it’s best to use a mask with a skirt that seals snugly against your face. You can tell if a mask leaks without ever putting it in water by performing this simple test. If any mask doesn’t pass, try another one.

Strap it on!

Next, we’ll put the strap through its paces. It’s important that a mask feels secure before you wear it. The strap shouldn’t have to be so tight that it presses on your skull in order to keep it in place, and it shouldn’t move around your face. Make sure the mask stays put when you turn your head, but not too tight. The mask’s seal should be provided primarily by the skirt, not the strap.

Concerning One’s Hair

If hair gets caught in the skirt, the seal it creates is broken. This is a common problem for those with long hair or facial hair. Though it takes some practice, you may improve your seal when working with mustaches and beards. In the worst situation, you’ll need to trim the mustache.

If your hair becomes trapped in the mask’s skirt while you’re treading water, it can be a hassle to free it. Avoiding this would be preferable because it not only wastes time but also energy. Soak your hair and pull it back before donning the mask. Next, slip on the mask after running a finger along the hem of your skirt to dislodge any stray hairs.


Light pressure on the straps is all that’s needed to ensure a snug, airtight fit.

When it comes to a dive mask, it’s crucial that the glass be tempered so that it can withstand the pressure changes at depth and the regular bumping, packing, and cleaning that it will through.

A diver who has experienced a mask pinch should not dive again until the injury has healed. Adjusting the pressure in the mask as the diver goes down is a good way to stop the mask from getting tight.


If you know how to test a mask to determine how well it fits you, you may locate the perfect one for your face regardless of whether you have a little, narrow face or a large, wide face. If you have a narrow face, it’s probably best to buy a mask instead of renting one. Every trip will be a wasted time as you try on various masks.

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