Buying Guide For Your First Snorkel Mask

Buying Guide For Your First Snorkel Mask

Since you’ll be going snorkeling for the first time or helping someone else prepare for their first snorkeling experience, you’ll need to purchase your first snorkel mask. Also, not just any old mask will do. It would help if you had confidence in your snorkel mask, so make sure it fits properly, is comfortable, and won’t let you down (i.e., lets water come rushing in at the most inopportune time. which is anytime).

Snorkeling enthusiasts can choose from various masks that cater to their age, size, budget, and personal preferences. You understand what I mean. Obtaining a comfortable and well-fitting snorkel mask is a breeze for anyone who knows what to look for.

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It shouldn’t be about the cost

Yes, to some extent. You shouldn’t let the difference of a few dollars determine which snorkel mask you buy if you want a mask that you’ll use for a long time, feels great on your face, and fits you well. Of course, things are different when dealing with children. If you buy a pair of fins and a mask for your kid now, they might outgrow them in a couple of months.

Crucial Components for your first Snorkel Mask

A good mask has the following characteristics and please do keep them in consideration when you are intending to purchase the snorkeling mask.

  1. Fit
  2. Material
  3. Style


This piece of your mask is crucial. There’s no doubt about it. Get your hands on a few different options from various snorkel gear manufacturers to find the perfect fit. Put the mask on your face without fastening the strap, and take a few deep breaths. It should stay in place even if you let go of the mask. Fitting a snorkel requires considering that wearing one changes the shape of your face.

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If you want a long-lasting mask skirt, silicone is your best bet. It’s plush, breathable, and long-lasting, and it comes in a wide range of grades and colors to suit your taste. Crystal silicone is exceptionally transparent, allowing for an excellent underwater viewing experience. On the other hand, black silicone is favored by photographers because it eliminates glare when taking pictures or videos.


Which is better mask: a single lens, a dual lens, a trinity lens, or a quad glass lens, with or without tempering? Remember that tempered glass SCUBA masks can be used for snorkeling, but non-tempered glass snorkel masks should never be used for SCUBA. Snorkel masks have purge valves at the bottom of the nose gap to quickly expel any water that may enter inside the mask, but these valves can leak if the rubber cover becomes damaged.


The Cressi Palau Short Fin Set is our top recommendation for most snorkelers just starting.

There is no set minimum or maximum age at which one can begin snorkeling.

A transparent skirt lets more natural light pass through the mask to illuminate your facial features and draw attention to them.

Please encourage your children to put on their snorkels and masks and practice breathing through only their mouths by having them do this exercise on land.


All of these considerations should be kept in mind when shopping for the first snorkel mask. If you’re looking for snorkeling equipment that fits and feels great, look no further than the brand’s US Divers, Aqua Lung, Promate, Seavenger, TUSA, and Cressi.

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