How to Clean a Snorkel Mask?

How to clean a snorkel mask

How to clean a snorkel mask so that it doesn’t fog up? The lens of a snorkel mask should be cleaned with a mild cleaner such as toothpaste, using a microfiber cloth to prevent fogging. After cleaning the lens, apply a simple anti-fog solution such as baby shampoo and water, and rinse the mask with clean water after each usage.

It must be simple, right? It is! Provided that you pay attention to a few specifics. Before we go on any dives, let’s look at the steps we need to take to ensure that our masks are spotless and fog-free.

How to clean a Snorkel Mask After use

A snorkel mask’s skirt, strap, and lens are all susceptible to damage from sand, salt water, and other abrasive substances if they are not regularly cleaned. Sand can also enter the grooves of the mask. For this reason, cleaning the mask after every use is essential.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to see sand and water particles that have been left on the snorkel mask. Greasy suntan lotions and sunscreen sprays can cause a similar effect. The damage will be done even though the leftovers of these numerous residues are not visible; yet, the damage will still be done.

Snorkel masks can be damaged by the buildup of oily lotions and sprays on the mask’s skirt. That’s particularly true if the skirt is made of rubber. Silicone skirt material is far more long-lasting and durable than rubber skirt material. Because of this, it is especially essential to clean snorkel masks that include a rubber skirt or a head strap made of rubber.

You will need to give your snorkel mask a good cleaning after each user if you want to slow down the rate at which it wears out.

Rinse in warm water

To accomplish this, you will need to remove the snorkel mask from any environment that may contain sand, grime, or saltwater. To thoroughly clean the snorkel mask, you will need to use clean, warm, and chlorinated freshwater. It is important to check that the water temperature does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as this might cause the materials of the snorkel mask to get ruined.

Use some soap to wash

After giving the snorkel mask a good rinse, you should use some mild soap and a soft cloth to scrub away any buildup of corrosion or grime that may have been left over from prior snorkeling excursions that were not properly cleaned. To keep the lens of the snorkel mask from becoming scratched when the mask is being cleaned, the cloth will need to be made of a soft microfiber material or one specifically designed for cleaning lenses.

Wash and dry

After giving the mask a light scrubbing with warm water mixed with some soap, you will need to thoroughly rinse it with warm water to remove any trace of soap suds. After the snorkel mask has been washed and wiped off, it must be allowed to air dry fully before being repackaged in its original carrying case or bag. A snorkel mask can be dried in the air or with a soft towel; however, you should be careful not to brush the mask too aggressively, since this could harm the lens.

Store Your Mask Safely

If you want to keep the mask safe from the weather when it is not being used, you should store it in a carrying case or bag while it is not being used. This will ensure that the snorkel mask lasts for its intended purpose.

Instructions for Cleaning a Snorkel Tube

Our snorkel tubes may be beginning to feel a bit neglected now that we’ve been focusing so much care on our masks. And while the snorkel tube won’t affect the amount of fog that forms on our masks, we still need to ensure that it is in excellent condition because it is an essential component of our set-up.

To our good fortune, the snorkel tube is very simple to clean. Ensure that you flush the interior and exterior of the tube with clean water to remove any salt water that may have accumulated. A dry snorkel, which has a one-way valve at the top to keep seawater out while you snorkel, can be given a thorough rinsing by running water into the mouthpiece and letting it flow out the top of the valve. Keeping the snorkel clean in this manner is essential. Because of this, it will continue to function properly and carry out its duties regarding the water.

In conclusion, it is always a good idea to sprinkle a tiny dab of antibacterial soap over the mouthpiece, as this will help prevent bacteria from growing there. Nothing unpleasant (hand soap or dish soap) needs to be used, but rubbing the areas that were in your mouth can prevent bacteria from forming and generating a smell, flavor, or anything else you wouldn’t want to put back in your mouth if you used it again.

Remember that giving your gear some love with some clean, fresh water will help it last much longer if you keep up with the routine of rinsing and cleaning it after each time you use it in the ocean, so don’t forget to do that.

How to Clean a snorkel mask before you use it

After purchasing a snorkel mask, the next step is to clean it thoroughly. This could seem strange, and that’s understandable; nonetheless, doing this is necessary to guarantee that the mask will function correctly when it is put to its highest and best use.

Use toothpaste to clean your mask

After purchasing the snorkel mask, you should take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, put it on a toothbrush, and use the brush to scrub the mask’s visor on both the inside and the outside. The oily layer that was put on the glasses to protect them while they were being shipped can be removed from the glasses by using toothpaste.

In addition to removing the greasy film from the lens risk-free, the toothpaste will also prevent the lens from fogging up while it is being used. In addition, the oil from your fingertips might enhance the likelihood that fog will attach to the lens, which is the exact reverse of the image you are attempting to achieve.

during cleaning diving mask
how to clean a snorkel mask

Rinse off Your Mask

You can clean the inside and outside of your snorkel mask with toothpaste, but don’t forget to give it a good rinse afterwards to get rid of any leftover toothpaste. Here’s how: fill a bowl with clean water and use it to thoroughly rinse the mask, inside and out. Remember, you shouldn’t touch the mask’s lens with your fingers at any point throughout this process.

Get it dry

After you have removed all the toothpaste from the mask by rinsing it, you may dry it off with a fresh towel on the softer side. This will prevent any bacteria from forming on the mask and any deterioration of the mask that may have been caused by leftover water that is stuck in regions within the snorkel mask.

Take Care of Your Snorkel Mask

Use Protective gear

Your snorkel mask needs to be stored in a bag or case while you’re not using it to prevent damage. Because the snorkel mask is made of plastic and can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays, it should not be left out in the open for long periods.

Store your mask correctly

It’s important to keep your snorkel mask in a dry place. The mask should be kept in a cool, dry place away from moisture to preserve its quality.
Whenever possible, avoid letting sand get into your snorkel mask. It would help if you never pitched it straight onto the sand. Snorkel masks are easily damaged by sand, which can soon render them worthless.

Take Care of Your Snorkel Mask

Keep it neat (how to clean a snorkel mask)

Finally, you should avoid contacting the snorkel mask’s lens. An oily fingerprint on the snorkel mask’s lens can increase the likelihood of fogging. If you notice that you have touched the snorkel mask lens with your fingers, you can remove any greasy residue by repeating the cleaning process outlined above.


Fill a bucket halfway with hot water, add some detergent or soap, and soak for a few minutes. Then, using your fingers, thoroughly rub the mask and rinse the unclean water and the suds.

Dish detergent and warm water should clean the snorkel thoroughly to remove debris.

Dilute a combination of one tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of warm water. Submerge the snorkel for as long as half an hour in the bleach mixture. Make sure you give it a good scrub under the faucet. Let the snorkel air dry for a while.

Dishwashers are suitable for cleaning the vast majority of snorkels. It is in your best interest to remove the clip that attaches to the snorkel mask, as doing so will prevent the mask from becoming less flexible. If you put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, everything should go smoothly in most cases.


When you want to enjoy the wonders of the ocean, but can’t because your snorkel or dive mask is dirty, oily, and foggy, it might put a damper on your plans. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes and a handful of incredibly easy steps how to clean a snorkel mask, ensuring that our masks are clean and fog-proof before and after each dive. Quite simply, it’s a lovely sight. When you go snorkeling, your mask is one of the most crucial items you’ll bring with you. The snorkeling mask is the only way to see what’s going on below the surface, so it’s essential to maintain it regularly. When properly cared for, a snorkel mask can last for years.

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