Navy Seals Dive Mask

Navy SEALs Dive Mask and Other Equipment

Navy SEALs are the most highly trained troops of the United States Navy’s special operations unit for sea, air, and land. Although it is trained to operate both above and below water, the unit’s reputation rests on its ability to perform well underwater. The Navy SEALs are equipped with specialized dive gear that enables them to function efficiently in combat situations including ocean and fresh water.

Navy SEALs are able to hold their breath for at least two to three minutes when operating underwater. Breath-holding workouts are often used to prepare a swimmer or diver and to improve confidence when the individual would be swimming through high-surf conditions at night.

Navy Seals Dive Masks

The ordinary retail versions of dive masks are very close to the models used by the Navy SEALs. However, combat divers also employ the full face mask that is issued by the military. The wearer of this mask benefits from increased facial protection, and it performs well in dirty waters.

According to one of our instructors, they are often worn in one of a few styles from either U.S. Divers or Aqualung, with a low profile and in black.

U.S Divers Mask


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Navy SEALs Dive Mask
Navy SEALs Dive Mask


The Navy SEALs each have two wetsuits that are a normal issue. The purpose of a camouflage wetsuit worn by combat divers in the United States is to hide the user both above and below the water. The United States Navy SEALs have their own unique wetsuit that they wear during operations. It is a long black coat with a zipper that runs horizontally down the front and a hood. The hood has a pocket for earphones and other communication equipment built into it.


The Navy SEALs use a variety of different dive boots depending on the mission that they are participating in. Divers’ boots are often constructed with a rounded toe and a heel counter for added stability. When they need additional protection for their feet, divers put on heavier boots. This is of utmost significance in the event that they will be traversing potentially hazardous rocks.

The website claims that these so-called “work boots” wick away moisture, drain on their own, and float. Dive fins can be worn over the boots when a SEAL is diving.

SCUBA Equipment

When conducting normal dives, Navy SEALs make use of breathing systems known as self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, or SCUBA. The diver is responsible for transporting the cumbersome air tank on his back. An open-circuit system is utilized by SCUBA gear, which means that the diver exhales the air into the water that is surrounding them. This results in the formation of bubbles, which is a drawback of SCUBA systems because bubbles have the potential to reveal the diver’s location.

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Rebreathers are compact breathing systems with closed circuits that do not release any air into the surrounding water. The Navy SEALs have access to two distinct varieties of rebreathes. The LAR V Draeger requires an oxygen supply of one hundred percent, and the device filters carbon dioxide out of the air that is exhaled. According to the website for American Special Operations, the fact that the Draeger does not have any bubbles makes it a perfect vessel for covert amphibious operations.

On the other hand, the unit’s maximum depth is just 70 feet, which is significantly less than that of SCUBA gear. However, these rebreathers have an improved gas mixture that enables divers to descend to depths of roughly 1,800 feet.

Packs That Are Waterproof

Rucksacks that are watertight provide Navy SEALs with the ability to transport crucial equipment to depths of around 70 feet without the contents becoming wet. Watertight zipper seals prevent leaking. Additionally, the packs come equipped with buoyancy control devices. When they need to carry a smaller weight, divers will employ waterproof utility bags.

Navigation Equipment

During combat dives, Navy SEALs employ underwater navigation boards to guide them. Every single handheld board includes a depth gauge, dive clock, and underwater compass integrated into its design. In the event that the board is deemed to be too cumbersome for a particular mission, divers have the option of carrying depth gauges, chronometers, and compasses separately. These instruments are typically worn around the wrist or linked to the diver’s dive suit.


The Wraparound Mask is still the most popular option for use by military forces and search and rescue departments all around the world. Upgraded with a newly designed skirt that has a better fit, metal buckles, and a stainless steel frame that is black and does not reflect light.

The United States Navy employs dolphins and sea lions in its efforts to locate and indicate the locations of things that are submerged in water.

Yes, Navy SEALs Do Wear Which Are Called “Jet Boots.”


Navy SEALs are the troops in the United States Navy’s special operations force for sea, air, and land who have received the most extensive training possible. The reputation of the unit is built on its capacity to work well underwater, despite the fact that it is trained to operate both above and below the sea. The Navy SEALs have access to specialized diving equipment like Navy Seals dive Mask that enables them to perform effectively in a variety of dangerous environments, including saltwater and freshwater environments.

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