Snorkeling in Langkawi

Snorkeling in Langkawi

Many people plan to visit Langkawi because of its reputation as Kedah’s crown jewel. Kedah is a state in northwest Malaysia on the country’s border with Thailand. Ninety-nine islands make up the Langkawi archipelago and have stunning beaches perfect for snorkeling in Langkawi. Suppose you’re thinking about taking a trip to Langkawi. In that case, plenty of high-end hotels are located along the island’s northern coast, and you can find certified vendors who offer this adventurous activity at fair costs and by all safety regulations.

Best Places for Snorkeling In Langkawi

Snorkeling is popular in Malaysia because it allows people to see the underwater world up close. Scuba diving is fun, but snorkeling is the finest method to see the marine life in the Andaman Sea. Around the islands of Langkawi, the shallow water makes it easy to snorkel and scuba dive among the coral reefs. Wear a complete safety outfit, including a snorkel, goggles, and fins. It would be best if you went snorkeling in Langkawi in the locations listed below.

1. Pulau Payar Marine Park

If you’re looking for a great site to go snorkeling in Langkawi, you’ve found it. A magnificent marine park with teeming fish and colorful coral. Located 30 kilometers south of Langkawi Island, the area comprises a small group of islands. There are three beautiful islands in these marine parks; they are known as Pulau Segantang, Pulau Kaca, and Pulau Lembu. You may get a close look at aquatic life by visiting the underwater observatory.

2. Langkawi Coral

Pulau Payar Marine Park is home to the coral platform known as Langkawi Coral. This coral park has been specially shaped to avoid disturbing the park’s natural ecosystem. You will find all you need to enjoy water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and marine life observation. When it comes to snorkeling, this is the premier location in all of Langkawi. In addition, there is a submerged observation platform from which you can take in the hidden coral reefs.

snorkeling and Langkawi

3. Tanjung Rhu Beach

Visit this beach if you want to escape the crowds and take in the breathtaking scenery without traveling very far. As a bonus, you can see several islands, including Pulau Chabang, from this vantage point. This beach, which is one of the most visited in Langkawi, is found in the island’s northeast. This is another of the island’s top picks if you’re looking for a great area to go snorkeling in Langkawi.

You can walk down the island when the tide is low enough! This island has excellent snorkeling conditions. You can get to the island during high tide by using one of the many boats that dock near the shore.

4. Datai Bay Beach

Many snorkelers go to Datai Bay Location because it is thought to be the best place to snorkel in Langkawi. When you see all the many kinds of fish and other marine life, you will be amazed. But this beach is reserved only for guests of the Andaman and Datai resorts. Do you wish to see various fish species in greater detail? Put on a snorkel, fins, and a mask, and you’re ready to go. Get wet and explore the underwater world of this park, where baby sharks with black tips can be found. In this area, you can expect to see a wide variety of fish, including Moorish idols, pink anemone fish, damselfish, and butterfly fish.

5. Pulau Timun

You should go here if you’re looking for the cheapest snorkeling in Langkawi. The island of Pulau Timun is stunning and makes for fantastic snorkeling. From Kuah Jetty, take a speedboat to your destination. You may expect the highest quality of snorkeling in such clear water. The fact that this island is shaped like a “T,” making it stand out from other beaches, is undoubtedly its most remarkable feature. If you plan to snorkel at this beach, you’ll need your own equipment.

Tips for Snorkeling In Langkawi, Malaysia

If you want to snorkel in this city in Malaysia in safety and comfort, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Get yourself a high-quality, well-fitting set of gear. If the mask is completely ineffective, your fun could be cut short. Put on the mask before you go so you can fully participate.
  • A particular valve closes as you enter the water, keeping you safe. Choose a dry snorkel if you plan on using one. You can’t swim efficiently if your fins aren’t a good fit.
  • Participating in this activity is recommended only when supervised by trained professionals. Don’t test it out on your own. You should have at least two individuals helping you; one can dive with you while the other watches from shore.

I wouldn’t recommend going snorkeling if you had a cold. If you dive into this condition, you might have trouble breathing.


Langkawi is home to a wide variety of excellent snorkeling spots. Because of its consistently warm and humid climate, Langkawi is a fantastic destination for snorkeling. The water temperature ranges between 29 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year and is always friendly. During December and January, there is a possibility that the temperature will decrease by a couple of degrees.

Tours of a single island’s beach, including snorkeling, can cost between RM 180 and RM 200. In contrast, the exceptional platform snorkeling offered by Langkawi Coral can run visitors from RM 300 to RM 330.

The primary island that makes up Langkawi is home to many stunning beaches, many of which include long stretches of pure white sand and offer excellent opportunities for swimming.

Unfortunately, jellyfish are drawn to waters that are still and warm. Between January and June, Langkawi’s western beaches, such as Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, are more likely to be affected by tiny stingers than the island’s northern beaches, such as Tanjung Rhu and Sandy Skull Beach, which are often free of jellyfish.

The answer is yes; Langkawi is an excellent place to go scuba diving as it is home to several diving spots within the well-known Palau Payar Marine Park. Due to the absence of any reefs that are shallow or have strong currents, an island is another location that is ideal for beginning divers.


Langkawi, a group of 99 islands off the northwest coast of Malaysia, is a fantastic destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. While sea sediments and low visibility make specific Langkawi beaches less than ideal for snorkeling in Langkawi, the azure waters surrounding several of the island’s offshore peaks are home to thriving coral reefs and a colorful array of marine life.

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