Snorkeling in Palawan

Snorkeling in Palawan

One of the most popular islands in the Philippines, Palawan is a must-see for any traveler. Snorkeling in Palawan is one of the best experiences you can get. Reaching this cluster of islands off the coast of southern Luzon from Manila would take about an hour on a plane. Palawan is one of the best places to snorkel in the Philippines, thanks to its beautiful beaches and pure blue waters, which are set off by a backdrop of limestone cliffs and gorgeous sunsets.

But things are challenging. There are 23 different municipalities in Palawan. A few of them can even brag about having direct beach access. A few are deep within the interior, surrounded by dense vegetation. The majority of Palawan is deserted but may be reached by boat. Some lesser-known destinations are attracting an increasing number of visitors, but getting there might be tricky. We recommend Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital; El Nido; and Coron if you plan a trip to Palawan soon.

Visit any part of Palawan, and you’ll never forget it. You’ll always be energized if you’re looking for a swimming vacation or other unusual water-based activity. You can’t avoid snorkeling at some of the best places in the province, where abundant marine life and visibility are good.

Snorkeling in Palawan

Listed here are some of the best spots on the island of Palawan for getting some underwater exercise while snorkeling.

The Island of Miniloc

The southern Philippines is home to El Nido, a municipality of the highest status on the island of Palawan. Miniloc Island is a hotspot for tourists in El Nido. The crystal-clear waters around the island are legendary among snorkelers. As a backdrop, the island’s limestone cliffs provide a picturesque harbor. The sergeant major, damselfish, fusiliers, and other brightly colored tropical species will give you a visual feast while you are underwater. It is easy to find a place to stay in this area because it is home to many resorts that provide first-rate holiday packages in the province of Palawan.

snorkeling in Miniloc island

The island of Coron

One of Palawan’s most well-known tourist destinations in Coron Island, located in the province’s northernmost region. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters make this island a diver’s dream. This is because the Japanese sunk many ships there during World War II. There are many kinds of fish and other marine life in the waters around Coron Island, such as jacks, snappers, surgeon fish, barracudas, and Spanish mackerels.

snorkeling in Coron island

Taytay Bay

In the municipality of Taytay, tourists may look forward to evening more exciting snorkeling opportunities. There are four marine sanctuaries around Taytay Bay, making it an excellent place for scuba divers. They are known as the Tecas Reef Marine Park and Fish Sanctuary, the Isla Blanca and Quimbaludan Marine Reserve, the Elephant Island and the Hidden Lagoon Marine Protected Zone, and the Apulit Island – Club Noah Marine Protected Zone. The dugong (sea cow) is this area’s most common fish species. The waters of Taytay Bay are home to a variety of brightly colored fish and small rays.

snorkeling in Taytay Bay island

Dilumacad Island (Helicopter Island)

Dilumacad Island is another well-known tourist spot in the El Nido region. Because the island’s limestone cliffs, when viewed from a distance, resemble the blades of a helicopter, it is frequently referred to as “Helicopter Island.” Because the water at this beach is relatively shallow, it is an ideal location for snorkeling. On Dilumacad Island, there are many crabs and a variety of crab-like fish.

snorkeling in Dilumacad Island

Honda Bay                    

Honda Bay is the jewel in the crown of Puerto Princesa, which serves as the capital of the province of Palawan. A protected reef in the bay makes it an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. When people go to Honda Bay, they might see schools of different kinds of fish and corals, like brain corals, staghorn corals, and others. Watching giant fruit bats emerge from their burrows shortly after the sun goes down is an exciting activity that can be done as a side trip in this area.

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The marine life in this area is exciting, and because the water is clear, you can see it from the boat without even having to get in the water. This snorkeling area is known for its mantis shrimps and its abundance of angelfish and clownfish. Many angelfish can also be observed here.

The island of Palawan in the Philippines is routinely recognized as one of the best islands in the world, and there is a solid reason for this. In addition, it is a top tourist destination in the Philippines. It features beaches and islands covered in white sand, beautiful blue waters, an incredible array of marine life and shipwreck sites, and towering limestone cliffs that are both majestic and impressive.

Many people speak highly about places like Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Malcapuya Island as vacation spots. In addition to these specific places, diving and snorkeling are popular activities in this part of Palawan.

El Nido and Coron are two of the most well-known places to visit in Palawan due to the spectacular dive sites that can be found there. Port Barton, Taytay, Roxas, Brooke’s Point, and San Vicente are some of the island’s less-trodden hotspots, but they’re well worth a trip if you’re looking for genuine local cuisine and experiences like visiting animal sanctuaries.

When planning a trip that lasts ten days, many people recommend going to Palawan rather than Boracay because Palawan has a wider variety of activities and tourist destinations. Palawan is the ideal destination for tourists looking for an authentic experience, as the island province features numerous paradisiacal islands and natural treasures to discover.


You can find a paradise-like setting in the Philippine province of Palawan, which has the most land area of any Philippine province. Its location on the country’s westernmost border makes it easy for people to get there from all over the world. Palawan is famous for water sports and activities because it has a long coastline and many beautiful beaches. Snorkeling is an activity that is highly recommended for visitors while they are on vacation in this island paradise.

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