Best Snorkel Gear for kids

5 Stunning Best Snorkel Gear for kids

It is extremely important to select the appropriate best snorkel gear for kids in order to ensure that children have a positive experience while they are in the water. It is recommended that parents purchase a suitable small-size mask, a junior snorkel, and fins for children from reputable dive gear manufacturers such as Cressi, US Divers, or Mares. A good youth snorkeling set will also include a junior-sized snorkel. In the water, increased safety and comfort can be achieved with the use of supplemental gear such as a snorkel vest, rash guard, or kids’ swimsuit.

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Why must children have proper snorkeling gear?

Because children enjoy being in the water and find marine life interesting, snorkeling is an activity that they will most likely have fun participating in. You will be surprised at how quickly your children can learn how to snorkel if you take them on a beach vacation; however, the experience can be ruined by a mask that leaks, a snorkel that is of poor quality, or fins that are too uncomfortable. For this reason, it is essential to acquire snorkeling equipment for children that is well-fitting and of high quality.

Typically, kids’ snorkel gear made to fit smaller sizes is required for those under the age of 10 or 12. Although adult snorkel sets might fit larger children, this is not the norm. Never, ever allow your kids to use any piece of apparatus that is either too big or too small for them. Not only is it unpleasant for the child to wear equipment that is too big for them, but it can also give them the impression that they are not safe while they are in the water, which raises the risk of both accidents and injuries.

Kids snorkel gear essentials:

  • Small-size snorkel mask
  • Snorkel with a mouthpiece that is relatively small
  • Kid’s size snorkeling fins
  • Junior snorkel vest.
  • Wetsuit and clothing that protects from UV rays

Best kids snorkel sets

When looking for snorkeling equipment for children, the most convenient option is to purchase an all-in-one junior snorkel set. This type of set comes with a mask and tube designed specifically for children’s faces, as well as shorter fins that are better suited for swimming. In addition to this, a snorkel set designed for children typically comes with a convenient carrying bag.

When it comes to selecting snorkeling equipment for children, sizing is the first consideration, followed closely by the quality of the equipment. As is the case with equipment designed for adults, you should ensure that the mask has safety lenses made of tempered glass, that the mouthpiece is crafted from hypoallergenic, soft silicone, and that the flippers are both comfortable and long-lasting.

The majority of companies that manufacture dive gear, such as US Divers, Cressi, and Mares, amongst others, offer youth snorkeling sets, and we strongly recommend purchasing quality gear from one of those manufacturers. When purchasing a set for your child, keep in mind that they will only be able to use it for a short period of time before they outgrow it.
Always refer to the sizing chart and/or the instructions provided by the manufacturer before purchasing a kids snorkel set. The size of the set is typically based on the child’s age.

List of Best Snorkel Gear set

  • HEAD Mares Kids snorkel set
  • U.S. Divers kids snorkel set
  • Cressi Rocks snorkel set
  • ELEMENTEX Kids snorkel set
  • Cressi Mini kids snorkel mask
  • Mask for the Speedo Junior

HEAD Mares Kids snorkel set

Head-Mares is one of the oldest diving gear manufacturers, and they have been supplying divers, snorkelers, and freedivers with their products for a significant amount of time. If you decide to purchase snorkeling equipment for your children from the Italian company Mares, I’m willing to bet that you won’t be let down by the quality of the products.

Mares Head Italian
HEAD Mares-Best Snorkel Gear for kids


  • Includes mask, snorkel, fins, and a carry bag; sized for juniors and youths.
  • The Siliter mouthpiece provides a snug but comfortable fit and is simple to use while swimming.
  • Even when submerged, the dry top design of this compact boat protects against splashing.
  • Easy exhalation allows for quick and simple water purging and clearing.
  • The quick release system allows the strap to be detached without affecting the customized adjustments.

This Mares kids snorkel set provides your children with everything they will need to explore the underwater world, including a mask that is designed to fit children with smaller faces, a dry snorkel, and a pair of fins that can be adjusted with relative ease.

U.S. Divers kids snorkel set

U.S. Divers is one of the largest suppliers of water sports equipment in the United States, and they provide high-quality snorkeling equipment for both children and adults. The Dorado Youth snorkel combo is an excellent option for younger explorers looking to go on an adventure.


  • The JUNIOR SNORKELING SET includes an innovative snorkel mask that is designed to perfectly fit the faces of children ages 6 and up; The size is small and will fit children’s shoe sizes 9 to 13; Blue and yellow is the color.
  • SHATTER-RESISTANT AND FOG-RESISTANT PC LENS: This mask has a shatter-resistant anti-fog PC lens, which provides added durability as well as clear vision.
  • THE UTMOST IN SATISFACTION: A mouthpiece that provides a high level of comfort and also includes a purge valve to remove water from the oral cavity.
  • SPLASHGUARD: A top-mounted splashguard that is intended to prevent water from the surface from entering the snorkel.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjustable 3-way buckle system for maximum comfort; easy-to-use, adjustable open heel design that grows with your child ADJUSTABLE STRAPS
US Diver snorkel mask
US Divers-Best Snorkel Gear for kids

This set includes an easily adjustable buckled mask with two windows that are designed to fit small, narrow faces and come with the necessary hardware. The snorkel is designed with an ergonomic shape and a mouthpiece made of flexible silicone to ensure maximum comfort. There is a splash guard to keep water out of it.

Efficiency is achieved with dual-composite flippers, but the children’s frail legs are spared the resulting fatigue. The lightweight carrying case that features a mesh panel not only makes it simple to transport the equipment but also enables it to air out and quickly dry after each use. The S, M, L, and XL sizes of the U.S. Divers Dorado youth snorkel set make it simple to find the equipment that will provide the most comfortable fit for children of any size.

Cressi Rocks snorkel set

Are you planning a trip to the beach in the near future and looking for affordable snorkeling equipment that is suitable for children? The Cressi Rocks kids snorkel set is exactly what you require in this case.

Cressi Youth Junior snorkel mask
Cressi Youth Junior- Best Snorkel Gear for kids


  • The Rocks Kids Set is Cressi’s response to the needs of budget-conscious parents who want their children to have access to dependable snorkeling gear while on vacation. We have the answer for active children who want to use their gear in the water for the entirety of the day, whether it be in the pool or the ocean.
  • The mask features molded lenses made of tempered glass and buckles that can be adjusted for a more customized fit.
  • The set comes with short fins that are colorful and stylish, and they have adjustable straps so they can be worn comfortably.
  • There is a mask, snorkel, a pair of fins, and a net bag inside the box.
  • Cressi is responsible for the product’s design, which is then manufactured in China. Since 1946, Cressi has been an industry leader in the development of equipment for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

This set gives your children both comfort and functionality while they are swimming. It includes a mask made of tempered glass with two windows, a snorkel with a flex tube, and open-heel fins that are simple to adjust.

Because of the following, the Cressi Rocks set is an excellent choice for children aged three to eight years old: S/M is appropriate for children’s shoe sizes 1-3 in the US, and L/XL is appropriate for children’s shoe sizes 3-6 in the US.

ELEMENTEX Kids snorkel set

Children aged 5 to 11 years old would benefit from using the junior snorkeling set offered by Elementex. This combo’s straightforward yet appealing design makes it a great choice for both females and males (color variations yellow, blue, and orange).

Elementex dry Snorkel set
Elementex dry Snorkel set


  • ELEMENTS Naga Sports Kids Snorkel Set with Dive Mask and Dive Fins – Yellow is Included in This Package (Fits kids aged 5-11)
  • TEMPERED GLASS LENS FREE DIVE MASK: The heat-treated glass lens of our Dry top snorkel mask provides you with high-level eye protection that is resistant to being scratched and to shattering, allowing you to SEE SAFELY. SEE CLEARLY thanks to the design of the single lens that reduces bulk as well as visual obstructions. WATERTIGHT SEAL The clear color of the silicone skirt and the fact that it creates a waterproof seal around your nose minimize any potential distractions. You can relax and take a deep breath thanks to the additional water protections provided by the one-way purge valve, dry valve, and splash guard.
  • ADJUSTABLE the straps of the scuba diving mask are made of stretchy, adjustable silicone and can be customized to fit any face shape. Adjusting is easy; just pull to loosen, or lift the side lock tab and pull in the opposite direction.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Kid size’s RIGID STYLE TUBE and SOFT SILICONE MOUTHPIECE ensure comfort and stability.
  • A POWERFUL TREK FIN is a pair of short trek fins that have vented blades and are great for bodyboarding and snorkeling. The straps on the diving fins can be adjusted to provide you with a fit that is both secure and comfortable. Additionally, the straps can be detached, making it simple to put on and remove the harness. Conveniently small for easy portability and packing.
  • Providing excellent customer service is a top priority at ELEMENTEX Naga Sports, so we back all of our products with these guarantees. Our devoted team puts all of the sports equipment through rigorous testing to ensure that it is of high quality, that it is safe, and that it performs as intended.
  • BONUS: This package comes with a mesh gear bag with a drawstring closure, which can be used for drying and storing your snorkeling gear.

The lenses of safety glass are resistant to being scratched, which maintains a clear view for children. The mask comes with straps that are easy to adjust, allowing for quick and simple cinching of the fit. The mouthpiece of the snorkel is made of soft silicone, making it suitable for children who have smaller mouths. In addition, the top of the tube has splash protection.

The Elementex kids snorkel set is complete, so you’ll get everything you need in one convenient package. It comes with powerful yet portable trek fins in travel size, as well as a mesh bag.

The snorkeling mask serves as a window through which the underwater world can be viewed, so for the best possible visibility, it should fit snugly and comfortably. If a mask is too large, the skirt will not be able to form a good seal, which will result in water continuously entering the mask.

Kids’ snorkel masks feature a narrower nose pocket, which is essential for equalization when swimming underwater. Additionally, the silicone skirt on these masks is designed to be more compact so that they do not leak. The very best snorkel masks for children feature anti-fog lenses that are also scratch-resistant and are made of hypoallergenic silicone that is food-grade.

Cressi Mini kids Snorkel Mask

Cressi-Mini Frameless F1
Cressi F1

The popular Cressi F1 adult snorkeling mask has been adapted for use by younger snorkelers in the form of the Cressi Mini. This frameless one-window model is the best option for children because it features high-quality materials, wide-view anti-fog lenses, and a construction that is easy to adjust for equalization.

The swiveling buckles and push-button design of the Cressi Mini kids snorkel mask make it simple to make any necessary adjustments. The entirety of the mask is constructed out of high-quality silicone, which not only is comfortable and pliable but is also long-lasting. This is one of the best kids snorkel masks available on the market today and is perfect for young scuba divers and snorkelers.

Mask for the Speedo Junior

The Speedo Recreation is a snorkel mask for kids that is both affordable and ideal for any activity that takes place in the water. The model is not only comfortable but also functional, featuring anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, a leak-proof silicone skirt, and straps that are simple to use.
This Speedo kids snorkel mask features high-quality materials and durable construction, making it an excellent option for young people who are interested in exploring the water.

Full-face snorkel mask for kids

Even though it is important for adults to be aware of the potential risks associated with full face snorkel masks before switching from their traditional goggles to a full-face model, parents and guardians need to be especially cautious when it comes to the safety of their children.

In most cases, children do not find it difficult to use a traditional snorkeling mask, and they quickly learn the necessary skills, such as how to clear the mask or how to quickly breathe through the snorkel. As a result, we recommend that parents purchase a standard snorkeling mask for their children.

Even Tribord, the company that produced the very first Easybreath full-face snorkel mask, does not recommend their full-face type of mask for children younger than six years old. If you decide to give your child a try with a kid’s full-face snorkel mask because snorkeling with traditional equipment presents challenges for them, make sure to select a product that comes with a patented design. Your child will have the most positive experience possible. Keep a close eye on your kid while they are trying out the mask, and make sure they know how to quickly take it off in case they have any trouble breathing.

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Snorkel for kids

Children’s snorkels are designed to be the most comfortable fit possible for children’s smaller mouths by having a shorter length and a smaller mouthpiece made of silicone. Purchase one that features a flexible tube and a purge valve for easy cleaning. This will help reduce jaw fatigue.

It is recommended that children use dry or semi-dry snorkels because the top part of these types of snorkels has a unique mechanism that prevents water from being swallowed. The majority of the time, kid snorkel masks are included with youth snorkeling sets. However, certain models can be purchased separately.

Cressi Mini Dry

The Cressi Mini Dry is an easy-to-use and comfortable snorkel designed specifically for young girls and boys. It is the kid’s version of the Cressi Supernova Dry adult snorkel.

Cressi Mini Dry
Cressi Mini Dry


  • The anti-splash end, which features an automatically closing valve, stops almost all of the water from getting into the tube.
  • The design of the tube, which is flexible, makes it comfortable to use for extended periods of time and reduces jaw fatigue.
  • A purge valve enables instant clearing whenever it is required, and a wider elliptical bore shape increases the airflow capacity for more comfortable breathing.
  • Cressi, an Italian company, is responsible for the design of the Mini Dry, but production takes place in Taiwan. Since 1946, the Italian company Cressi has been a pioneer in the production of equipment for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The product comes with a limited warranty that lasts for two years.

The wide, bendable, elliptical tube makes it simple to take deep breaths, and it also has a section that can be bent and stretched, which helps reduce jaw fatigue. It is simple to achieve the most comfortable fit thanks to the quick-release snorkel keeper that also features an adjustment option for the height of the snorkel.

The Cressi Mini Dry comes with its own built-in splash guard. Even when it is completely submerged, the additional float mechanism keeps it dry. In the event that any water makes its way into the tube, a purge valve makes it easier to quickly clear the snorkel.

Deep Blue Gear Ultra Dry kids snorkel

A fully submersible and dry snorkel designed specifically for children that makes breathing easy. This Deep Blue Gear Ultra Dry Junior snorkel is ideal for any activity that takes place underwater thanks to its large diameter tube, quick snap clip, and comfortable silicone mouthpiece. Because of the vivid colors, it is highly visible on the surface, which increases the level of safety.


  • Ultra Dry will keep you and your family dry as you travel to the next snorkeling spot! Put this children’s snorkel in their bag along with their swimsuit, beach towel, and mask, and they’ll be ready to explore the next exciting reef or ocean when you take them.
  • Boys and girls of all ages can now enjoy snorkeling with their mothers, fathers, other family members, and friends thanks to the comfortable fit of these masks. This snorkel features a mouthpiece made of soft silicone, which helps reduce jaw fatigue for a more comfortable experience while snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • Quick and Simple Installation: This large bore tube features a quick snap snorkel keeper that makes the removal and installation of the snorkel very simple. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 can enjoy their snorkeling trips without any difficulty and still have a great time. They are able to take advantage of the best fully submersible snorkel whether they are relaxing on the sand, sitting on a boat, or swimming in a lake, lagoon, or ocean.

Best kid’s snorkeling fins

When learning to snorkel in shallow water, the use of flippers is not required because it is preferable for the child to be able to stand if it becomes necessary (but make sure you’re little one wears kid’s water shoes to avoid shell cuts). When the individual feels more at ease in the water, donning snorkeling fins can assist with navigation and make swimming more efficient.

The best option for children is open-heel fins because they are adjustable, can accommodate a wider range of shoe sizes, and last for a longer period of time because the child will not outgrow them as quickly. The blades ought to be relatively short and not too stiff so as not to tire the legs out, but they ought to be sufficiently flexible and powerful to ensure effective use.

Cressi Rocks kids Snorkel fins

Check out the Cressi Rocks kids snorkel fins if you are looking for a pair of flippers that are not only affordable but also durable enough for your children to use for a long time. This well-liked model is offered in a plethora of exciting color combinations, and it is available in three sizes that are suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Cressi fins


  • Composite construction featuring vented open-heel fins and straps that are adjustable to accommodate the child’s development as they grow.
  • Fins with open heels and adjustable straps, designed specifically for children aged approximately 4 to 12 years old.
  • Convenient for traveling due to its small size. A playful pattern that will be a hit with your children.
  • Leg cramps are alleviated while sufficient power is still delivered by the vented blades. The convenient thumb loops make donning and doffing the cape simple, and the push-button buckles ensure that they can be quickly adjusted.

Junior models of the US Divers Sea Lion fins

The US Divers Sea Lion flippers are an excellent choice for body surfing as well as snorkeling. The legs won’t get tired using these traditional kids snorkel fins because they are effective but lightweight at the same time. In addition to this, they do not sink, which means that even if they are accidentally kicked off into the water, your children will not lose them.

US divers snorkel Fins
Us divers

Because of their brilliant yellow color, they are easy to spot. The open-toe section and soft foot pockets that cover the entire foot provide a secure fit. When it comes to storing or transporting the fins, having the additional mesh carry is very helpful.

Snorkel vest for kids

Inflatable vests, despite the fact that they are not life-saving accessories, are an essential part of maintaining one’s safety while in the water. When selecting snorkeling equipment for children, it is important to remember to include these items on the shopping list. If your child is not yet an accomplished swimmer, you should consider purchasing a kids snorkel vest. These vests are designed to assist children in remaining afloat in the event that they become fatigued while snorkeling. The vibrant colors ensure excellent visibility.

Adjustable straps and buckles ensure a safe and comfortable fit for a child in a snorkel vest, which typically comes standard. In the event that you do not have a youth snorkel vest that has a horse collar design, which makes it easy to put on and take off over the head, you should get one. In addition to this, it provides flexible inflatable arm bands that are also capable of performing the task!

Children’s clothing that offers protection from the sun

When it comes to purchasing snorkeling gear for children, in our opinion, sun protection products are an absolute necessity, despite the fact that they are not an essential component of the gear itself. Due to the fact that children’s skin is more prone to burning than adults, you should never let them play on the beach or go swimming without the appropriate sun protection.

The best option is to wear an ultraviolet protection suit with a UPF50+ rating that covers the entire body. Not only does clothing designed to protect from the sun offer protection against harmful UV rays, but it also helps prevent painful stings from jellyfish and reduces irritation. If you intend to participate in activities in water that is colder than 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit), rather than selecting UV protection clothing, select a wetsuit that is at least 2-3 millimeters thick and provides good thermal insulation. This will ensure that the younger participants do not become too cold too quickly.


No, flippers are not required to go snorkeling; however, having them will allow you to swim further without putting too much strain on your body. You are able to increase both your power and your speed thanks to the thrust that is provided by the fin’s surface area. They also make it possible to have additional buoyancy, which is something that can be helpful for younger swimmers.

Divers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the calming effects of this water sport while taking in the mesmerizing sights that await them below the surface of the water. In point of fact, children as young as five or six years old can begin their training to become proficient snorkelers.

In a word, no, you don’t really need fins in order to go snorkeling. That’s the short answer to this question. However, they have a few major advantages that, if you take advantage of them, will make your experience snorkeling a great deal more enjoyable.

When snorkeling children can, in fact, use full life jackets to help them float.

In general, children who are younger than middle school require smaller snorkel gear, and using an adult snorkel will not provide them with a positive experience. Their mouths are still too small at this point!


For a successful snorkeling trip with children, there are a few pieces of equipment that you will need; some of them are required, some of them are optional, and some of them can be provided by a tour provider or a local snorkel gear rental company. Because the last thing you want is for subpar equipment to get in the way of having a good time, I strongly advise you to avoid purchasing the kid-sized snorkels that you can find in the toy section.

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